I'm Braylon, I like things modern yet classic. I think your wedding soundtrack deserves to be as epic as your love story.

Hey there! I am Braylon Smither, owner and lead DJ for Smither Productions! I want to thank you for making it this far on my website. We pride ourselves on being different than any other DJ company, anywhere in the world. We are passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what we’re about. 


I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the most like yourself.

We’re always looking to do more– to create, to innovate, and to show how technology, when used with talent, allows us to change the rules of what people think they know about private events, and crush the events we are pumped to be part of without the cheese. 

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

I'd rather be


enneagram type

Type 3, Wing 4

favorite ice-cream

Southern Butter Pecan

Drink of choice


favorite show




guilty pleasure

Expensive Bottles

take my money

Cole Hann

secret talent


listening to

Leon Bridges or Mr.West


Youth Coaching 

weekend plans

Rocking Parties


Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know: 

If you follow my social sites you'll find me on back roads throughout the Lone Star State, driving through Texas is what I do! 

I love driving through Texas!

When you love what you do its hard to have bad days. They stop by from time to time but  98% of the time I am cheesing ear to ear.

It's hard to catch me without a smile.

no 2

My family would say I am always traveling and though it is very true I am mainly in the Austin area or at home in Dallas.

I split my time between Dallas & Austin.

No 1

no 3

Your guest butts do not belong in a seat.

 we believe

We will get them up and moving. It's what we do!

Almost any wine is good so long as it’s open.

Chardonnay is a personal favorite but a good bottle of Cab gets the job done too... :)

 we believe